reason for late periodreasons for late period

Period Calculator Am I Late?

period calculator am i lateNothing is as shocking to any woman under the sun as a missed period, especially if she is not ready for pregnancy. What strikes her mind immediately after this is the perception that she is pregnant. Though pregnancy is one of the most common reasons or factors for late periods, there are several other factors for being late.

Period Calculator Am I Late?

This article will focus on exploring some of these factors to ensure that you are fully informed of them in order to understand yourself better and to avoid unwarranted stress. Stress is one of the major factors that affect almost everything in our body. In essence, it has an impact on the way our bodies function and operate. Among other things, the hormonal functioning is affected a great deal, and as such the entire ovulation and menstrual cycle is interfered with. This may result to a woman missing her periods. It is advisable though to talk to your doctor for advice and clarification.

Changing of work schedules has been reported to have an impact on menstrual cycles. In most cases these changes may throw your body clock into confusion. This is evident for those women who keep changing their work schedules from day to night and vice versa.

Persons who are over weight, especially those putting on weight at alarming rates tend to have hormonal shifts. In fact, most women will resume their normal cycles and fertility after losing weight. Try using a basic period calculator am I late online period calculator to first figure out your cycle… then consider other possibilities. Being underweight results to a condition known as amenorrhea; this condition among other things is associated with irregular periods. To resolve this problem you should make sure that you eat a proper diet as well as gain weight.

Medications for different ailments are known to have several side effects. Some of these side effects may lead to interference of the menstrual cycle of a woman. When this happens, be sure to contact your doctor for advice and may be a change of medication. These side effects are quite common with some birth control methods.

Peri-menopause is the period that a female goes through when she is transitioning from the reproductive to non reproductive stage and is usually a period with major hormonal changes. During this time, one’s flow may be either heavier, lighter, less frequent, or in some cases more frequent. Menopause marks that period of life in which a woman can no longer ovulate or menstruate and usually results in a complete stoppage of periods. It can either occur as a natural process of life, through surgery, or as a result of chemotherapies.

Miscalculation is one other factor that leads women to believing that their periods are late. It is important to note that all women are different. Although the normal menstrual cycle is perceived to be 28 days, this is not true for all women. Some women may either have shorter or elongated periods. Therefore, it is crucial for a woman to understand her menstrual and ovulation cycle in order to avoid such miscalculations. Of course, using a period calculator to determine am I late can be useful.

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